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Positive Sign to Finish Line ~ $3400

The pink line to the postpartum bundle is our most attractive bundle. This bundle allows me to be with you from the moment your pregnancy test shows positive to four weeks postpartum. Included in this package is:

Antenatal support — This support through the challenging first few weeks of pregnancy is so important for moms. You have the option to have me there to help you meal prep, do light cleaning, get laundry done, run errands, grocery shop, assist with other children, and anything else that may seem hard to get through day-to-day in those first weeks of pregnancy when some are just too ill and tired to do much else. This service can also be used if for any reason you may be placed on bedrest during your pregnancy. (antenatal support used as needed)

Two prenatal appointments

Assistance building your birthing vision.

Nutritional Coaching & Support

Unlimited messenger or email support throughout your pregnancy

Childbirth Education Package - 5 Zoom Classes (Happy, Healthy Pregnancy, Labor & Delivery Prep, “Getting in the Game” Labor Mindset, Breastfeeding Basics, Postpartum Prep & Newborn Care) and the Birth Bootcamp Partner Workshop & Binder ** Included in the Childbirth Education Bundle is the “Birth Plan Basics Slides” and “Comfort Measures in Labor” handout from our presentations at Pittsburgh North Babies & Bumps 

Physical, emotional, and informational support throughout your birthing time.

Postpartum support — I’ll be there with you during the first month postpartum to help meal prep, do light cleaning, get laundry done, run errands, grocery shop, provide sibling support, and overall adjust to the transition to parenthood. Not only that, but I will be there to take care of mom on a personal level (Postpartum support hours are included to be used as needed). (Hours expire after 30 days postpartum)

24 hours available to be used as needed within 30 days of delivery.

Example of how the 24 support hours might look.

  • The first week postpartum, you need to spend a lot of time relaxing in bed so I will visit three times a week, for four hours a day.  (12)

  • The second week will include visits two times a week, three hours a day.  (6)

  • The third week will include visits two times a week, two hours a day. (4)

  • The fourth week will include visits two times a week, one hour a day. (2) During this postpartum time, I will work with you through the transition to parenthood and even work with you to get you acquainted with getting out of the house with a new little one. 





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