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About Us.


Empowered Holistic Birth was founded in 2019. We are mothers, led by Faith, and passionate about birth! We believe in a world where there is “A Doula at every birth”. Our mission is to support women through all walks of their pre-conception, prenatal, and postnatal care. To empower women with the armor of knowledge, strength and confidence within themselves.

EHB offers Childbirth Education Classes, Breastfeeding Support, Placenta Encapsulation/Preparation and Placenta Art, Birth Attendance and Doula Support through all stages of a woman’s life, Bereavement Support/Pregnancy Loss and much more!

What Does a Doula Do ?

  • Provides uninterrupted labor support

  • Provides information on labor and birth options

  • Empowers families to make decision that are best for them

  • Refers you to services or products as needed

  • Connects you with ways to expand your support network

  • Helps you create you Birth Vision

  • Aids you in attaining your birth goals, while remaining flexible to the changes of birth

  • Provides a repertoire of natural pain-relief techniques

  • Encourages partners/birth support persons to do what they do best; connect with and love you

  • Complements and enhances a birth partner's experience

  • Provides support persons a break as needed; ensuring birthing person is never alone

  • Encourages you when you are feeling overwhelmed, whether during birth or postpartum


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